Show The Professional Social Media World Who You Are!

PlayBook is a service we know can help everyone. Gone are the days of sending your resume to obscure, generic email addresses and black holes where hopes for a new beginning seem to disappear. We will make you more marketable, help you overcome roadblocks, but most importantly, show you how to get an offer within your stated salary range. It’s time to unlock the power of LinkedIn and drive potential employers to your profile.

How We Get It Done:

  • Take a hard look at your resume and LinkedIn profile and provide you with critical feedback
  • Collaborate with you to create a robust resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Show you how to best navigate the LinkedIn platform adding important 1st connections and effective Groups
  • Send your resume to firms as your Advocate
  • Personalize your privacy settings
  • Coach you through the interview process
  • Personalize your elevator pitch so you can easily answer “Tell me about yourself?”
  • Provide salary negotiation techniques
  • Provide thoughtful questions to ask based on what “you” want to know
  • Roleplaying
  • Debrief you after meetings
  • Assist you with follow up notes that will get you to the next round
  • Suggest how to show interest or no interest
  • Assist with following up on resumes submitted
  • Get you to the finish line with an offer to consider
  • Resignation letters

Who We Help:

  • Talent who prefer to avoid a traditional staffing agency and take a more proactive approach
  • Talent returning to the workforce after an absence
  • Talent relocating
  • Talent with a lot of experience worried about acceptance and cultural fit
  • Talent in need of interview coaching and how best to talk about yourself
  • Talent who want to learn how to use the LinkedIn platform and leverage PlayBook’s connections
  • Talent tired of sending resumes to a black hole and getting no response
  • Talent who want to get a jump on landing a great opportunity before graduating