PlayBook by SearchGroup500

PlayBook is a proven service we know can help everyone. Gone are the days of sending your resume to obscure, generic email addresses and black holes where hopes for a new beginning seem to disappear. We will make you more marketable, help you overcome roadblocks, but most importantly, show you how to get an offer within your stated salary range; without the many frustrations typically associated with a search.


PlayBook 2.0 - (Experienced Professionals 5 Plus years)

Get Ready. Get Connected. Get Motivated. Get Hired.

  1. Get Ready
    1. Refine resume outlining the skills you want to use going forward allowing you to move away from what no longer challenges you
    2. Create a Robust LinkedIn profile
    3. Personalized LinkedIn Learning Sessions on how to use the platform including how to build a network of influential professionals and join Groups that will add additional influential 1st connections
    4. Perfect your Elevator Pitch (Tell me about yourself?)
  2. Interview Preparation
    1. Interview Preparation (Role Play) - Assist with answering frequently asked questions: Why are you looking? Why are you interested in this firm? Why are you interested in this role? How much money are you looking for?
  3. Get Connected
    1. Apply to roles for you as your advocate unless you have a solid connection (Follow up for you with the firms your resume was submitted to)
    2. Never apply to the "black hole". Your resume will go to an individual PlayBook is connected to
    3. Access to PlayBook’s network (over 4000 connections) with personal introductions to Playbook’s connections as requested/needed (for informational meetings)
  4. Get Motivated
    1. Develop well-crafted interview questions regarding the role and the culture of the firm
    2. Interview Debrief
    3. Personalized thank you notes
    4. Learn how obtain meaningful feedback and what to do with it
    5. Assist in the writing Cover Letters as needed
    6. Exclusive Access -  (By appointment 10 to 10) Get personalized sessions to keep you on track and get results
  5. Get Hired
    1. Strategic assistance in order to get to the offer – Learn how to get to the next round!
    2. Salary negotiation – learn how to get paid what you you’re really worth!

PlayBook 1.0 - (Upcoming Graduates and Recent Graduates 0-4 years)   

Get Ready. Get Connected. Get Motivated. Get Hired.

  1. Get Ready
    1. Develop a Resume showcasing your internships, achievements, skills and strengths
    2. Create a Robust LinkedIn profile 
    3. Learn how to deliver an Elevator Pitch (Tell me about yourself)
  2. Get Noticed
    1. Optimize LinkedIn – (2) 50-minute sessions: Learn how to really use LinkedIn to find opportunities of interest and drive potential employers to your profile.
  3. Get Hired
    1. Strategic assistance in order to get to the offer – Learn how to get to the next round!
    2. Exclusive Access - 30 Days (By appointment 10 to 10) Get personalized sessions to keep you on track and get results

Jan Ten Eyck

Business Development at Locust Walk
October 29, 2019, Jan was a client of Jan’s

Jan was an excellent resource for me during all aspects of my career transition. It was helpful to have her extensive knowledge of the financial services industry and general hiring process on deck. As I was moving from an analytical accounting role to a business development role, she really helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. We worked together to develop a resume and cover letter(s) suited to the roles that I was interested in. She also has an expansive network that she was kindly willing to share with me. This helped me to connect with the right people in the companies I was interested in, which led to a higher hit rate in terms of conversations/interviews. I have worked with traditional recruiters before and have found that a lot of times they aren't really concerned with your needs/desires, but Jan truly made an effort to understand and for that I am very grateful. I would recommend Jan to anyone that is looking to make a career change in financial services.


Eugenio Martinez

Bilingual Paralegal/Compliance Professional
October 21, 2019, Eugenio was a client of Jan’s


In this day in age being busy at home and at work with time being so limited it doesn’t give you much time to prepare for the rigorous process on searching for a career opportunity. Jan’s Playbook strategies provided the appropriate guidance and advice to prepare me for the vigorous search. She provided an unbelievable service by restructuring my resume, LinkedIn, and mock interviews. Her flexibility allowed me to connect with her late in the evening after I was done working and preparing my kids for their next day at school. We had several discussions before and after every interview. Initially she reviewed my thank you notes until I became a pro on drafting Thank you notes. She’s one of kind and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my career. I’ve recommended her to dozens of people and continue to do so. One of a kind career coach!


Matt Pepdjonovic

Advisor Success Manager at 55ip
September 10, 2019, Matt was a client of Jan’s


Jan was an invaluable coach for me during my search. What makes Jan different than most recruiters is that she genuinely cares about what’s best for you and more importantly she listens. Her Playbook model is a game changer and different than any other service I’ve come across. Jan’s client focus is above and beyond as she’s available at the drop of a hat, not to mention she has an extensive network and will not hesitate to connect you with key contacts. She’s a creative thinker and strategically coaches you up for each role based off your background & strengths to make the best impression possible. I highly recommend Jan!


Marissa Blundell, JD

Compliance Counsel at Cardinal Financial Company, Limited Partnership
July 17, 2019, Marissa was a client of Jan’s


I utilized Jan's Playbook service recently, and her help was critical to my securing a new position soon after my search began. She was available to me anytime I needed her, and has regular evening and weekend availability. If you have been sending your resume into black holes without success - Playbook is the answer. Using LinkedIn connections (hers and yours) she coached me through the process of applying effectively. She provided superb interview preparation and assisted with my follow-up activities. She is also a joy to work with and was incredibly supportive during a very challenging time. I wholeheartedly recommend Jan and Playbook to anyone at any stage of a career change.


Ryan Barba

Director of Client Experience, VCA Animal Hospitals
March 8, 2019, Ryan was a client of Jan’s

Jan's "Playbook" program was a huge help in helping me gain a new job. She really understands the nuances of LinkedIn, how to market your past experiences to be attractive to potential employers, how to find relevant positions, and how to navigate the job acquisition process. With Jan's help, I landed my dream job! I recommend her with enthusiasm.


Sheril Escartin

Information Security at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
May 19, 2019, Sheril was a client of Jan’s

Jan's playbook was a great deal of help to me, I learned so much from her. Jan not only made my LinkedIn profile look good, she also showed me how to make connections. Her tactics helped me build out my network and meet people in my own field. I would definitely recommend Jan to anyone looking for a job. She also prepared me for my interviews, such as how to present myself, and what type of questions to ask. I found the job I wanted, thanks to Jan


Dennis Donoghue

Client Service Manager/ Senior Associate at CIBC Private Wealth Management US
March 19, 2019, Dennis was a client of Jan’s

Hiring Jan was the best decision I ever made. I was at a stage in my career and I needed to move forward and she provided me the guidance and tools to make that all happen. If you are contemplating on hiring Jan do not hesitate. You will be quite pleased with her services. She knows her stuff! She has worked in the recruiting industry and employment coaching for many years and her reputation is outstanding. Her website Playbook/ 500 is very useful and I can almost guarantee Jan has a connection to any company you desire or want to work for. I have started a new position and I owe this all to Jan. She coached and prepped me for my interviews, research, her assistance on writing thank you letters as well as her connections to multiple firms and companies. She is very flexible and accommodating. She works on your time and providing you with her services that best fits your schedule. If you are looking for a professional, reliable and skilled coach then do not hesitate to hire Jan. I can assure you will be more than pleased. I am so glad that I did.


Andrew Corwin

Insurance Operations Specialist at Marsh
January 23, 2019, Andrew was a client of Jan’s

As a college student, preparing for full-time positions is an incredibly difficult process. Jan proved time and again to be an incredible resource in adapting both my resume and my LinkedIn profile to compete in an ever competitive environment. Even more, she helped to prepare me for interviews for every position to which I applied, helping me to both talk about my experiences and explain how I could add value to each applicable position - an aspect of which I had not previously considered. If anyone is searching for a new position, whether as a first-time hire or as a person just looking for a fresh start, I highly recommend contacting Jan for help. I have never met somebody so willing and able to help me in an area in which I thought I was on my own.


Suzanne Brown

Multi-Talented Administrative Professional
November 1, 2018, Suzanne was a client of Jan’s


I hired Jan through her PlayBook service which resulted in my LinkedIn profile getting noticed and potential employers reaching out to me directly. My new profile is robust and professional and Jan also worked with me on how best to use the platform. I have also been contacted by a number of Recruiters; however, Jan's service eliminated the need for me having to work with anyone else. Jan is very connected and has inroads at most investment firms in Boston and once you become a PlayBook client she will work as your advocate. Jan has really created a service that nobody else offers and it works extremely well. If you are conducting a search and want to avoid the traditional staffing route, reach out to Jan. You will not be sorry!


Matt Cibotti

Key Accounts Associate at Poppulo
March 5, 2018, Matt was a client of Jan’s


I worked with Jan over a two month period during my job search process. She helped me find jobs to apply for that fit my interests and skill sets while also offering to prep me for any interviews I had. In the time I worked with Jan I immediately started to see results in my search. She provided me with honest advice and feedback that you won’t get from most people. Jan was also very flexible about working around my schedule and was readily available if I ever had something come up last minute. I highly recommend Jan to anyone who is looking for a new perspective on how to effectively take on their job search. She understands the competitive nature of today’s job market and will help you stand out to employers and get results!