Gone are the days of sending your resume to obscure, generic email addresses and black holes where hopes for a new beginning seem to disappear. We will make you more marketable, help you overcome roadblocks, but most importantly, show you how to get an offer within your stated salary range; without the many frustrations typically associated with a job search.

Get Ready!

PlayBook500 collaborates with you crafting a resume for your review. We keep it simple and think about algorithms and who is initially reviewing it which is most likely not the Hiring Manager! Once we agree on a resume, we will craft a LinkedIn profile guaranteed to get you a lot of views which should result in first round interviews.
  • Effective Resume

  • LinkedIn Makeover

  • LinkedIn Workshops

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Interview Ready

  • Debriefs

  • Follow up notes

  • Insight about the companies you are considering

  • Access and introductions to PlayBook500’s connections

  • Build a robust network of influential 1st connections

  • Obtain meaningful feedback

  • Exclusive Access - (By appointment 10 to 10)

  • Personalized sessions to keep you on track and get results

Get Noticed!

Look professional and sound confident. Keep in mind some skills are a must have and some can be taught. Do not stress. We will evaluate the roles you are considering if you are not sure about fit. We will also help you determine if the cultural fit is solid. Want to stand out from everybody else? We will show you how.
  • Refined approach to isolating the right roles

  • Coaching before interviews

  • Get your resume into the firms you want to meet with

  • How to ask key questions with confidence

  • How to answer key questions with confidence

  • Speak with you after every interview (Debrief)

  • Critical follow up notes

  • Get to the 2nd round

Get Hired!

PlayBook500 speaks to you every week creating a great flow and collaboration. We are also only a text message away 7 days a week. You are finding new opportunities, feel confident interviewing and ready to accept the right offer. How badly do you want to start working or change jobs? How long this process takes, depends on you. We will be with you every step of the way. We like to set a target date as we are very goal driven.

  • Interview Ready

  • Clarity on what you are looking for

  • Ability to ask and answer questions with confidence

  • Your network is influential, and you know your 1st connections

  • You are an active participant on LinkedIn

  • You are the best choice for your new employer

PlayBook500 is service for everyone conducting a search. We understand that one size does not fit all. PlayBook500 will walk you through our service. Based on what you need, we will quote you a one- time “affordable” payment and get started right away building your brand.