SearchGroup500 for Upcoming Graduates, Recent Graduates, and Internship Seekers

SearchGroup500 believes students should have a robust and strategic LinkedIn network. SearchGroup500 also believes it is critical that you know how to navigate the platform. Having influential 1st connections will make all the difference in your search weather it is now or in 2 years.  Students and graduates who learn how to effectively use LinkedIn have the most success.

Companies are hiring and Career Centers only provide a limited amount of assistance. With SearchGroup500 we will work with you step by step. We evaluate what your needs are and then come up with a plan. Our service is personal and affordable. We speak to lot of parents and welcome the calls.

  • Create your professional brand now
  • Do not put your search on hold!
  • Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn!
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We love student athletes. Richards has a professional hockey player in the family, a top ranked wrestling champion and lived next door to the GOAT for several years. Jan is also a golf and tennis enthusiast.