Our mission is to get you connected, interviewed and hired!

Connected to companies you want to work for.

Interviewed at multiple firms for multiple opportunities resulting in multiple offers.

Hired for the next step in your career path.

Gone are the days of sending your resume to obscure, generic email addresses. Black holes where hopes for a new beginning seem to disappear.

We will make you more marketable, help you overcome roadblocks, but most importantly, get you an offer within your stated salary range. Your resume will only be referred to companies  you want to meet with. We will do whatever it takes to refer  your resume to a decision maker who we can follow up with in order to move the process forward.

Search Group 500’s Playbook 2.0 service is like no other. Let us take an objective look at your resume. We will turn it around to you within 48 hours with critical feedback and everything you need to know and do in order to get an offer.

Send your resume to JR@SearchGroup500.com