Jan Richards spent the first half of her career directly in the investment business before transitioning into staffing.

SearchGroup500 and its subsidiary PlayBook was founded by Chief Talent Officer, Jan Richards. After many years working for Agencies in Boston, Manhattan, and Chicago, Jan realized she had to create a more effective way to assist corporate “Decision Makers” recruit the best talent for their needs including the very important cultural fit. We are very focused on diversity and believe a diverse environment is a must!

PlayBook was created for talented professionals who prefer to conduct their own search. We believe your LinkedIn profile is as important as your resume and want to collaborate with you while you are searching for your next opportunity.

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Jane Freeman

Jane Freeman

Staff Accountant at True Fit Corporation
September 25, 2018, Jane was a client of Jan’s

Jan was extremely helpful during my job search. She helped me reconstruct my resume and LinkedIn profile to be more appealing to companies. More importantly, her coaching and interview techniques improved my ability to talk about myself with confidence, ask the right questions and use effective follow up techniques. I highly recommend Jan to anyone looking to make a career change!

James Line

James Line

Client Service Associate at GW&K Investment Management
April 18, 2018, James was a client of Jan’s

I recently worked with Jan and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a change. Jan helped me with every step, from identifying my goals, finding potential opportunities and then preparing for interviews. Her attention to detail and industry knowledge proved invaluable. I also appreciated that she made herself available at short notice on multiple occasions to strategize and answer questions. All in all, I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Jan

Alissa Walker

Alissa Walker

Investment Banking Analyst at Covington Associates
November 12, 2017, Alissa was a client of Jan’s

When I partnered with Jan in my recent job search, everything changed. I went from applying to jobs on the internet with a marginal response rate, to getting three interviews with very prestigious firms in one day!

I felt from day one Jan always had my best interest and truly wanted me to succeed. She was always available via text, email, phone any time of day and would always call me right away with any revelations in my applications. One of my favorite attributes about Jan is her honesty, she's a straight-shooter and would never sugar coat things.

I would recommend Jan to both job applicants and employers due to her expansive network in Boston. I have never worked with a recruiter like Jan - most of the recruiters in the Boston area rely on cold-calling, and aren't able to offer you multiple options. Jan's offerings were very dynamic, and she helped me talk through the pros and cons of each open position and company, again, very honestly.

I will be starting at my new firm shortly, thanks to Jan, and I couldn't be happier!

Rohit Chhokar

Rohit Chhokar

Business Development Representative at Guaranteed Rate
July 22, 2016, Rohit was a client of Jan’s

Jan being from the East Coast is a real straight shooter. She is unlike any other recruiter I have ever worked with in the past. She went above and beyond to help assist and guide me to the right career path. I would recommend Jan to anyone needing assistance finding a job. Truly a pleasure to work with her.

Henry Pynchon

Henry W. Pynchon

Vice President, Project Delivery at State Street
August 13, 2015, Henry W. was a client of Jan’s

I have known Jan for close to six years and worked collaboratively with her on several occasions. Jan is passionate, focused and driven to work with her clients to achieve results. Jan's insights and advice helped me understand how to market myself and identify where I can be a key contributor, but also challenged me to consider what characteristics contribute to my professional worth. In addition, Jan helped me overhaul my CV and introduced me to LinkedIn and how to use it to showcase my personal brand. Jan is a consummate professional, a joy to work with, and I recommend Jan to anyone who needs career advice or job placement.

David Rittner

David Rittner, CFA

Fixed Income Portfolio Analyst at Wellington Management
July 8, 2015, David was a client of Jan’s

I would highly recommend Jan to anyone who is seeking advice on making a career move in the investment management industry. She is an incredible resource to use when preparing for interviews and negotiating compensation. With her tips, she gave me the confidence to go into an interview knowing what questions to ask and how to respond to tough questions. Jan is very professional and always makes herself available if you have a question, even at night and on the weekends. She is truly an invaluable help in your interview process.

Steve Kaplan

Steve Kaplan

Principal, Head of US Client Service at Partners Capital
April 2, 2015, Steve was a client of Jan’s

Jan is a true professional and was an outstanding coach throughout my entire job search process. She was able to make the experience very personal, which was important to me as someone without much experience interviewing. Jan was committed to being available at virtually anytime I had questions, and was instrumental in all facets of the interview process. She strongly emphasized preparedness by setting up one-on-one prep calls the evening before each interview, where she provided a wealth of support, insight, and armed me with countless questions to ask as well as ones to prepare to be asked. Even after the interviews, Jan was very interested in my thoughts and feelings about how the conversations unfolded - making sure to jot down notes and reference them later on. Most importantly to me is the unwavering honesty and transparency that Jan has displayed from the first day I spoke with her, through today. She made me feel very comfortable, positive, and self-assured, in an otherwise daunting situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Jan to anyone looking to take the next step in their career.

Ryan Tankersley

Ryan Tankersley

VP of Operations at Wellington Management
February 8, 2016, Ryan was a client of Jan’s

Jan is a very knowledgeable and strategically assertive recruiter that does a fantastic job of matching her clients with the proper company. I would recommend Jan for anyone who is looking to work with a really talented and professional executive recruiting agency.


Suzanne Brown

Multi-Talented Administrative Professional
November 1, 2018, Suzanne was a client of Jan’s

I hired Jan through her PlayBook service which resulted in my LinkedIn profile getting noticed and potential employers reaching out to me directly. My new profile is robust and professional and Jan also worked with me on how best to use the platform. I have also been contacted by a number of Recruiters; however, Jan's service eliminated the need for me having to work with anyone else. Jan is very connected and has inroads at most investment firms in Boston and once you become a PlayBook client she will work as your advocate. Jan has really created a service that nobody else offers and it works extremely well. If you are conducting a search and want to avoid the traditional staffing route, reach out to Jan. You will not be sorry!


Jennifer Stickney

Wealth Advisor at One Charles Private Wealth
October 25, 2018, Jennifer was a client of Jan’s

I worked with Jan and she is hands down the best Recruiter I have ever worked with. Jan kept me on her radar for several years until the right opportunity came up. She was available almost 24/7 including weekends. Jan prepared me for my interviews and also listened to what I had to say after each meeting. She collaborated with me to write well-crafted follow up notes and also with salary negotiation. Jan is an all-around full service professional who can not only find you an outstanding opportunity but her PlayBook service will help you with your professional brand. After working with Jan everything changed. I highly recommend her to find you a new opportunity or to help you with your resume and LinkedIn profile!