SearchGroup500 for Job Seekers and Job Changers

SearchGroup500 sits on the same side of the table as the job seeker and job changer. We do not represent firms, eliminating any conflict of interest at the offer. Isolating and interviewing for your ideal opportunity and firm is full of roadblocks and frustrations. Either you are sending your resume to the black hole and often getting no response or waiting for an Agency Recruiter or internal Talent Acquisition professional to get back to you. At SearchGroup500 we believe everyone with a robust LinkedIn profile, and a resume that will make it to the Hiring Manager coupled with our private and influential network is all you need. Internal advocates at the firms you are interested is critical. We also work from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for those of you who are working and have no time during the day.

  • How to create your own influential network
  • Introductions to the firms we have relationships with
  • Personal introductions to our network as requested
  • Effective elevator pitches
  • Interview preparation
  • Follow up notes and Cover letters
  • Salary negotiation
  • Getting you the feedback, you deserve
  • Staying with you until you have an offer

SG5 will review your resume and Linked profile on a compliementary basis. If you want honest feedback you really should start with these two things. You can email us at [email protected]