SearchGroup500 collaborates with top notch investment firms to isolate outstanding talent by applying our personalized sourcing techniques in the following areas:


At SearchGroup500 we believe due diligence matters. Who is your ideal candidate? What is your corporate culture like? What skills are required? What is your preferred start date? SearchGroup500 looks at academics, social media behavior, technical skills, and communication skills; as well as, past and present employment and career trajectory. We also conduct thoughtful conversations regarding salary expectations.


At SearchGroup500 we use referral based networking techniques to source talent. We do not advertise and don’t believe in having talent come to us unless referred. We know both our clients and talent resulting in a solid match for everyone.


SearchGroup500 is sensitive to the fact that you may have spent a lot of corporate dollars on advertising and too much time reviewing resumes that are not a fit. We will work with you on our fee and guarantee policy as needed. SearchGroup500 will send you no more than 5 resumes. Our analytics tells us 1 out of every 5 resumes we submit leads to a successful hire.


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