Dirty Little Secrets Linked In

As you know, Linked In is such an important part of networking. We find most of our talent on Linked In. Do you know that most firms offer their Human Resource Professionals training on how to utilize this tool? That really means you have to “up your game”! If your profile is not its very best, you will be overlooked by Recruiters and Human Resources.

Now that you agree you need a photo, are you having trouble deciding which one to post? Just because you put your picture on your profile it does not mean the job offers are going to start rolling in. You still have a lot more work to do. The “career center” didn’t tell you this?

SearchGroup500 finds people jobs and we use Linked In all day every day. The quality of most profiles are just not worth looking at. The most basic aspect which is your photo must be there. If it is not, then unfortunately assumptions are being made about how you present. It’s true! Would you date somebody who you never saw a picture of? Let’s face it, polish is as important as education and skills.

Ask yourself why you are on Linked In and then ask yourself how you are using it and if it is helping. If you are coming up short, it’s an easy fix. Playbook, is a service offered by SearchGroup500 that will help you polish up your Linked In profile. This article is a wake up call! Also it’s not just for recent graduates. Your profile is important no matter where you are in your career. If you are using your Linked In link on your resume, then you are just asking for a potential employer to take a look at it. Is it as well done as your resume? Will it help you or hurt you? What Groups are you in? Are you using them? Do you know how to use them and why?

If you can master the art of Linked In, it will help you in every aspect of your job search and or career. SearchGroup500 and Playbook will help you create an outstanding profile. We will also be honest with you and tell you how to craft a profile that will get a lot of attention. If you want honest feedback go back and read my first “blog”. We will always be honest with you.

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Jan Richards