More often than not an “Influencer” on LinkedIn is talking about the employment market and algorithms. Finding the right talent is personal and finding the right opportunity is also personal.

However, it is statistics like this one posted to LinkedIn by an Influencer that want us to believe a personal touch is not all that necessary!

“The average open position receives more than 150 resumes, more than 45% of candidates never hear anything back from the employers, 83% of candidates rate their job search experience poor, and employers still tell us anecdotally that 20-25% of their candidates don’t turn out to be a good long term fit.”

Let’s take a look at this. You are a company and you posted an opening on your website or a job board or maybe both. Somebody internally has to review and decide which resumes to move forward.  What criteria is the gatekeeper using? Well maybe he or she is looking for a match on paper meaning your resume fits like a glove according to the job description. You went to the same school as the hiring manager? You have a profile on LinkedIn that can’t be overlooked? He or she is tired of looking at resumes and is picking 5 or 10 before lunch?  No matter what is happening at the firm, if you are not selected nobody is taking the time to let you know why. Are you going to accept you are just not good enough and let it go? You are now part of the 83% of candidates who rate their job search experience poor. Are you really going to be part of that statistic when you don’t have to be? Why not find out why you were not chosen? It can be done with a little effort and determination! The last part of the statistic is that no matter what the company does up to 25% of their candidates are not the right fit.

Here comes an algorithm that is going to make all this better. Really? I agree that using a Recruiter can be frustrating and more often than not a Recruiter doesn’t get back to you and may be of little assistance. However, not all Recruiters are incompetent. Go back to my previous installments of “Dirty Little Secrets” A relationship with a Recruiter is like any other relationship. If it is selfish and one sided, move on. If your personal needs are not being met, move on!

SearchGroup500 works in the Investment Management space and Management Consulting space. There is not an algorithm on the planet that can tell a firm if a candidate is a long term cultural fit. Well at least 20-25% are not. If I have taken the time to get to know you and I know the company intimately over years of being a valued vendor, chances are I can provide the firm with 4 or 5 qualified resumes. If I know the talent/candidate well, I can make a long term match. The bottom line is that if an investment firm can’t retain the right talent, shame on them and if a candidate can’t find the right opportunity without a lot of frustration and fall into the 83% bucket then shame on them.

Take advantage of PlayBook by SearchGroup500 and find the right opportunity today! Don’t be part of the above mentioned 83%. If you are a company sifting through resumes, consider this.  Sell your brand to a competent Recruiter who knows what you want. It will be a lot more effective and rewarding than trying to save an amount of money that can’t cover the bar bill at your next holiday party.

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Jan Richards