You just graduated and you are trying to find a great opportunity that is not some crappy “first” job that makes your family happy. How are you approaching your search? I talk to a lot of folks and I will share with you the choices you have unless Daddy is going to employ you. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)

1) Walk into a staffing firm and take your chances with a Recruiter who knows little to nothing about you.

2) Have a great LinkedIn profile and ridiculous network and work your network hard. It’s not what you know but who you know in our opinion. This may be a tough pill to swallow considering how hard you worked to get your degree! If you were a client of SearchGroup500, your profile would have been crafted already and you would have over 500 connections before graduating. However, you didn’t know and so I am telling you to make LinkedIn a priority. Master the art of using the most powerful professional social media platform on the planet!

3) Become a client of SearchGroup500 and work with us through our PlayBook business. We will get you to the finish line and you will have an offer in your hand. I may have to provide a money back guarantee if you are not happy. However, once you know what working with us entails, I am pretty sure you will be all in. It doesn’t cost you anything to inquire, so go for it. If you are a Junior, Senior or just graduated and you have maintained at least a 3.2GPA we want to talk to you. If you like transparency and can appreciate honest feedback; we want to talk to you. Our specialty is investments; however, we will work with you in other areas if we all agree we can get it done!

Write a comment, send an email, but don’t do “nothing” and I don’t recommend handing this off completely to a Recruiter. Form a collaborative relationship that provides great networking. Buyers beware, you will be held accountable for making contacts and finding links on the site of roles you want to apply to. Once you learn how to use LinkedIn the way it was intended to be used, well it’s a new ball game. Companies will find you!

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Jan Richards